Hilde Kate Lysiak, a 12 year old journalist, was discriminated for her age. Ever since Hilde started her writing at the age of eight, people have told her she is too young. Hilde, a confidant and strong girl, normally brushes people’s comments about her age off, but lately it has been a struggle.

Youthism is what Hilde describes as  the discrimination against a human being for no other reason than being young. Hilde has accomplished many things in her young life; she’s an outstanding girl with big goals and high expectations for herself. When people look at Hilde, the don’t see the hard work she’s put into her newspaper or the countless stories she’s broken, they just see a little girl.

“I’m not JUST a twelve year old. I’m so much more. And so are other kids.”

Hilde Lysiak

Hilde made the statement how she was much more than a twelve year old, and it grabbed my attention. In this article, Hilde talked about youthism, and she made some very valid points, but this message goes out to more than just youth. Whether you get married at 20 or get married at 35, your age does not define you. If you go straight into college after high school or enroll at the age of 25, your age does not define you. Many people associate other’s success, ability, etc., based on their age. No matter your age, you can make a difference and you can live YOUR life.

“Ageism is a problem at the other end, too. Older people–gray-haired, retired–are treated as though their mental capacities are diminished, aren’t given the respect that they deserve as individuals.”

Patti Bender’s comment on Hilde’s article

Everyone is so much more than just their age. It is time to start following the golden rule and treat others like you want to be treated. The world has enough hate in it; there’s no need to add to the discrimination.

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